WORLD CINEMA PARTNERS - an innovative company focused on film production, script development, acquisitions, and distribution, forming partnerships nationally and internationally. We can bring your Cinematic Vision to life.

Cinema is universal,
beyond flags, borders
and passports.

Upcoming films

Libre is inspired by the devastating events of World War II, dedicated to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. This anti-war film combines qualities of a survival adventure and a psychological thriller, with historical accuracy and suspenseful realism, in the making of a tour-de- force, emotional and exciting film-experience that can communicate with and captivate an international audience.

World Cinema Partners is a production, line production, script development, acquisitions, distribution, and media marketing company for feature film, digital, and television content. Our network spans the world, from Hollywood to Bollywood and all other foreign language film industries.
Our operations are currently in the United States, Canada, UK, and India. Over the years, we have been working with some of the most prestigious production companies worldwide. Our films have won awards in Asia, Europe, and the United States.


A movie begins with an idea that is transformed into a script - the Screen Play


The screenplay is transformed into a movie.


Once a film is created, it needs to be distributed to different platforms for the audience to see and enjoy.

"Working with world cinema partners has been the best
experience. From A-Z they know what they are doing.
Great company to work with!"
Prakash S

Areas of Expertise

Our team can assist in writing a high quality, professionally formatted screenplay.

We focus on development and production from beginning to end of feature films, digital and television series plus documentaries for worldwide theatrical and digital release.

WCP offers line production services for feature films, digital and television series, and documentaries worldwide.

Our unique selling proposition is to provide distribution solutions for international art-house and commercial films in North America and beyond for filmmakers.

WCP is in the business of acquiring content for release in all available formats in our service territory.

Today the entertainment industry with its exponential growth has become a profitable venture for many companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and many other OTT platforms.

WCP works with social media websites and applications allowing users to create and exchange user generated content on the web.

WCP works regularly with more than 100 Film Festival organizers, sales and distribution executives as well as international media around the globe. 

Once we get involved with the project, we carefully analyze and evaluate the best release strategy to include location, screen count, the best release date, and a powerful marketing strategy, with an overall plan of action for success.

Packages of international films in various genres and languages are available that have not been shown on any screen before. The films are high-quality subjects previously screened in international Film Festivals in Europe, America and Asia.